Parliamentary simulation for expatriate Finns aged 16-30

For the model parliament, we’re searching for young people who’re interested in sharing their thoughts on social issues with other interested young expatriates.

When: February 27, 2021 at 4-7 pm Finnish time (UTC +2:00)The event has been postponed to April, 2021

To whom: Finns aged 16-30 living overseas. You do not need to be Finnish citizen; having Finnish roots is sufficient. Participation is free of charge.

How: The parliamentary simulation is carried out online through Zoom Meeting. You can take part from anywhere in the world.

Sign up to participate by January 11, 2021. Registration deadline has been extended to 31 March 2021.

In this mock parliament, you’ll have a chance to discuss issues concerning expatriate Finns and develop concrete plans to improve them with other young expatriates.

Themes brought up in the simulation may concern moving to Finland (studies and job application), maintaining Finnish skills overseas or increasing knowledge about Finland among young expatriate Finns.

The event takes place in Finnish and English (part of the program takes place in Finnish and the rest in English).

The event is a splendid opportunity to learn new things and meet other young expatriates.

Sign up for the parliamentary simulation:

Send us a short introductory video about yourself (maximum 3 minutes).

You can start by telling us your name, age, place of residence and what Finnishness means to you.

In addition, please tell us:

  • Why do you wish to take part in the parliamentary simulation?
  • What kind of issues would you like to have brought up in the simulation planning group? Please tell us which issues you would like to impact and how you would like to change them. You can take part in the simulation even if you do not have any particular discussion subject in mind. In that case, mention that you would like to watch the event.
  • You can make the video in Finnish, Swedish or English. If you make it in Swedish or English, please mention the level of your Finnish skills (how much you understand Finnish, for instance).

Please send us the video as an attachment or link from your personal email or a WhatsApp message.

If you send a link, please make sure that you have shared the necessary rights for viewing the video and that the video can be viewed at least through April 2021.

Include the following information in the email or WhatsApp message:

  • name
  • place of residence (town and country)
  • If you are under 18, send us also your parents’ contact information (name and email address). We need a guardian’s approval for underage participants. We will contact them and ask for permission.

Write as the email message’s subject line SIMULAATIO and your name (first name, last name).

Send the video by January 11, 202131 March 2021.

We will send the registered expatriates more information via the email address or WhatsApp number from which the video was sent.

Find out more about the parliamentary simulation through this link>