Saana Annala: the new Virta project coordinator

Saana Annala joined the Finland Society in October as the project coordinator of Virta, a digital participation platform for expatriate Finns.

“I have studied social sciences at the University of Helsinki, majoring in world politics. I graduated last year,” she says.

“Before joining the Finland Society, I worked for instance at the Foreign Ministry and the Finnish National Youth Council Allianssi. In addition to Finland, I have lived in several countries around the world: Ecuador, India and the United States.”

“I’m interested especially in the status of young people, and girls in particular, in social issues. The soon-to-be-launched digital participation platform will allow me to delve into this theme. I hope that Virta will reach young expatriates in particular and that it will allow them to make their voice heard on issues that are close to them.”

“I’m looking forward to the Finnish parliamentary elections in spring 2023. Enhancing expatriate Finns’ participation in the coming elections is a goal of utmost importance,” says Annala.