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Are you a dual citizen and wondering how to retain your Finnish citizenship? Are you living overseas and would like to study in Finland? Or studying at a Finnish college or university and would like to intern overseas? By the way, did you know that various Finnish organizations abroad offer internships? Perhaps you are wondering what kind of qualifications a degree gained in another country will provide when applying for a job or study place in Finland? You will find information about these subjects through the links below. If you need more information, please contact the Finland Society advice service.

Retaining Finnish citizenship at the age of 22

 If you are a dual citizen living overseas, you may lose your Finnish citizenship after turning 22. Finnish citizens who also hold citizenship of another country maintain their Finnish citizenship only if they have sufficient connections with Finland.
You are deemed to have sufficient connections with Finland if you fill one of the following criteria:

More information:

Finnish Immigration Service:
Digital and Population Data Services Agency:

Studying in Finland

In the Opintopolku portal (StudyInfo portal) you will find information on various education alternatives. On the site, you can apply in the Joint Application process for:

– universities of applied sciences (AMK’s) and universities
– high schools, vocational training and vocational teaching colleges

The Finnish Network for International Programmes FINNIPS is a cooperation network formed by 10 Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS). These Universities of Applied Sciences offer over 40 degree programmes that are fully conducted in English. The main function of the FINNIPS network is to arrange entrance examinations for the UASs’ English-taught degree programmes in countries outside Finland.

If you are applying for university-level studies in English, you will find more information at

If you are not a citizen of an EU or ETA country, or a family member of a citizen of one of those countries, and are coming to Finland to study for an English-language university degree, you must pay a tuition fee. Tuition fees are not charged for degrees taken in Finnish or Swedish.

Are you a Finnish citizen? If not, you may need to acquire a visa or a residence permit or you must register your right to residence in Finland when moving there. Read more on the subject at the website of the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri).

Finnish citizens, as well as citizens of other countries under certain conditions, are entitled for student allowances for studies in Finland. Read more here.

Information about providers of student accommodation is available on the website of the
Suomen opiskelija-asunnot SOA ry . You can also arrange housing independently by searching for rented flats on the open market or on social media:


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